Ok, hello Wikians! Here's the offical page for the 1ST Competition! Let's get down do it!

There is ten categories you can receive. Here's the list.

1. Fairytale

2. Technology

3. Mental Illness

4. Dissaperences

5. Monsters

6. Poison

7. Mirrors

8. Dreams/Sleep/Nightmares

9. Places

10. Transportation

Judges- CrazyWords

As of now, I'm the only judge :O

I will chose judges, along with HumboltLycanthrope. You will go through training if you would like to. I must see that you are an appropriate judge if you want to be one.

One person from each category will move on.

The rounds will go like this.

1. Everyone!

2. Ten people

3. Three people

4. One!


For now, first place will get: Creepypasta for Kids wiki T-Shirts and stickers! And... Mabye Stephen King's next book!

You get 24hrs to write, and currently, there is no requirement for length. Good luck to every one!

-- 01:10, April 24, 2015 (UTC)CrazyWords (This was a test)

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